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School Dazed features experts tackling a variety of challenges affecting children’s education from bullying, to gaming, to anxiety and depression and much more.

The One About Educating Fostered and Adopted Kids

December 3, 2019

Children who are fostered and adopted often face challenges that impact academics. Frequent school transfers, emotional instability, and the effects of trauma, are some of the factors that can make focusing on learning difficult. Foster parents, parents who adopt, and the schools that educate them must be sensitive to the unique circumstances this group of kids possess in order to help them succeed.

As a Regional Education Specialist, Norma Eaves is responsible for advocating for the education needs of children in the Child Protective Services system by consulting with caseworkers, conducting trainings, attending school meetings, and collaborating with schools.

Lori Pollard, Associate Director for Behavioral Health at CK Family Services, is the supervisor for various programs that address issues and concerns for children and adolescents and their families.

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