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School Dazed features experts tackling a variety of challenges affecting children’s education from bullying, to gaming, to anxiety and depression and much more.

The One About Bilingual and Dual Language Programs

November 5, 2019

Studies show that knowledge of a second language helps with problem-solving abilities, academic achievement, and communication skills. Having the ability to communicate in another language and having an understanding of that culture can also make you more attractive to potential employers.

Although much controversy surrounds bilingual education, several states mandate that public schools provide instruction in a student's native language. In addition, many districts see the value of dual language programs and provide them as an option for their students.

In this episode we sit down with Bilingual and Dual Language specialists from Mansfield ISD. Also joining me in the guest co-host chair is Amanda Ybarra, mom of 3 boys enrolled in a bilingual immersion charter school in Arlington, TX.

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