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School Dazed features experts tackling a variety of challenges affecting children’s education from bullying, to gaming, to anxiety and depression and much more.

July 30, 2019

The One About Teaching Kids To Value Differences

Our kids have access to people of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, sexual preferences, disabilities, etc. both in person and through their use of technology. With the face of their world rapidly changing, what do we do to encourage positive interactions and reduce unhealthy biases?

In this episode we welcomed Nichole Franks who is a teacher and Director of Diversity at Alcuin School in Dallas, TX.

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July 25, 2019

The One About Kindness

Some of our children's first social experiences are on the playground and in school where (hopefully) they put into practice what we've been teaching them at home. We all want to raise children who are kind and compassionate to their peers and to everyone they encounter. But, what are the best ways to teach kindness and to ensure they practice it, especially when we aren't around?

We sat down with Community Relations Commission Director for the City of Arlington, Texas,  Dr. Von Peaks and Certified Life Coach from Mending Clinic, Esther Scott.  They shared with us how Mayor Jeff William's Kindness Initiative is impacting the residents of the City of Arlington and their schools, as well as tips for raising kids who value and practice kindness.  

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July 16, 2019

The One About Student Volunteerism

Volunteer work offers opportunity for students to prepare for the future as well as make a difference in the lives of those in need. Not only does it promote awareness of issues in the world making them more compassionate, but it can help them better understand themselves. Volunteerism is also a great resume builder for college applications.

In this episode we sat down with Marshell Kregel, TX/Oklahoma District Marketing Chair for Kiwanis and Brandon Lopez, faculty sponsor of Key Club at a high school in Arlington, TX. They spoke to us about the benefits of student volunteerism and ways to motivate your child to get involved. Kiwanis is a global community of clubs providing volunteer opportunities for people of all ages.

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July 10, 2019

The One About Shared Custody and School

Separation and divorce takes a balancing act, when there are children involved. Getting on the same page regarding your children’s academic needs is vital to their well-being.

In this episode we welcomed Michael Flores and Brooke DeLuna from Brighter Possibilities Family Counseling in Fort Worth Texas. Both have extensive experience working with families experiencing separation and divorce and discussed how to navigate shared custody and school.


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July 2, 2019

The One About The Power of Play

Education reform has caused an erosion of play and physical education from our schools. Research shows that play helps foster social, emotional, and cognitive skills as well as increasing creativity in children. But play isn’t just important for younger students. Giving students of all ages opportunity to learn through unstructured play helps with problem solving, independence and grit!

Today we welcomed creator and director of LiiNK Project at Texas Christian University, Dr. Debbie Rhea and research associate Dave Farbo. LiiNK Project has shown that children who engage in more physical activity and play do better academically than children who are sedentary. For more information about our show head to schooldazed.com.