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School Dazed features experts tackling a variety of challenges affecting children’s education from bullying, to gaming, to anxiety and depression and much more.

March 26, 2019

The One About State Testing

State achievement tests in the United States are standardized tests required in public schools in order for the schools to receive federal funding. State test scores are used by districts to measure student progress, and see how different demographics of students perform. States also use test scores to identify low-performing schools that need support.

On this episode Tamara Albury, principal of Young Woman's Leadership Academy in Fort Worth, TX helps parents get a better understanding of the exam, why it’s important for students, how teachers prepare students, and how parents can support their children.


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March 19, 2019

The One About Impacting Students Through Mentors

As a child or adolescent, did you have an adult or adults (outside of your parents) who impacted your life? No matter your socioeconomic status or walk of life your child could benefit from the influence of a mentor.

When children have the influence of a mentor:

*They are more likely to focus on academics
*Are shown to have healthier relationships and lifestyle choices
*Have better attitudes about school, and higher educational aspirations
*Show enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence, and improved behavior, both at home and at school
*Have stronger relationships with parents, teachers, and peers.

In this episode we welcomed founder of Integrity Mentors, Lawrence Marshall, and Adam Grubb, Pastor to Students at The Community at Lake Ridge.

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March 12, 2019

The One When The Kids Took Over!

Today the kids took over! School Dazed was co-hosted by 17 year old Senior Hunter Parris. He and 11 and 12 year old Ava and Allye shared about the challenges of school and what they wish their parents understood.


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March 5, 2019

The One About Students And Trauma

More than two thirds of children report at least one traumatic event by age 16. Potentially traumatic events include:

Psychological, physical, or sexual abuse; community, school, or domestic violence; national disasters or terrorism; sudden or violent loss of a loved one; life-threatening accidents or illness, divorce, etc.

Symptoms resulting from trauma can directly impact a student’s ability to learn. They may be distracted by intrusive thoughts about the event preventing them from paying attention or might avoid going to school altogether. Traumatic events can disrupt a student's ability to manage leading to poor behavior, loss of instructional time, suspensions, and expulsions.

Today we welcomed Michael Flores, Licensed Counselor and Director of Brighter Possibilities Family Counseling in Fort Worth who provided helpful information for dealing with a child who has experienced trauma. He shared how to help your child cope with emotions, guidance for approaching the school to ensure sensitivity to the issue, and how to know if your child needs help. 


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